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male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe


look at all these white men 

luke pasqualino is not white

the guy with keifer sutherland, ahmad alhendawi, the UN secretary envoy for youth, is not white

can we not completely erase people of color when they’re present in things

look at all these white men supporting emma watson and the #heforshe movement!!!
look at all these white men using their privilege and popularity to spread awareness of a cause that so badly needs support!!!
except…oh wait…not all of them are white, as said above
so let’s just erase every single positive thing about this because they’re “all” white. let’s just forget every single good thing ever because they’re all freaking white because that’s just how tumblr works, isn’t it


More deets about Episode 14

  • Interviewer:

    [Regarding episode 14, to be released with DVD 7 in March 2015] Can you give us a hint about what we can expect from that episode?

  • Hatta:

    The main 8 will form a single team! […] The Samezuka and Iwatobi teams will be shuffled. It’s usually Iwatobi vs. Samezuka, right? But wouldn’t you like to see something different, seeing interactions between characters you’ve never seen before? Like Makoto and Momotarou, for example.

  • Yokotani:

    But it won’t be a swimming match! (haha)

  • Hatta:

    Right! (haha) Everyone will deepen their relationships through this episode, so please look forward to seeing just what sorts of conversations these characters will have with each other!

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