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When someone the signs hate tells them they love them (translation)(idk why)

Person they hate: I love you
Aries: Ha ha ha
PTH: I’m serious
Aries: Go bang your head against a wall

PTH: I love you
Taurus: You’ve been in the sun for too long
PTH: I don’t think so
Taurus: You’ve been in the sun for too long
PTH: No really!
Taurus: Ok fine I love you too stop bothering me

PTH: I love you
Gemini: Oops sorry I didn’t quite catch that I think you pronounced something wrong 
PTH: I.Love.You. Simple as that
Gemini: You.Are.Crazy. Simple as that

PTH: I love you
Cancer: No sorry out of cake
PTH: What

PTH: I love you
Leo: I know
PTH: You do?
Leo: No. But I do now *walks away*
PTH: *runs after* hey hey!
Leo: What?
Leo: Dude you just told me 

PTH: I love y..
Virgo: No.

PTH: I love you?
Libra: I know
PTH: Wait you do?
Libra: You’re the 5th one today

PTH: I love you
Scorpio: You love me
PTH: Yes I love you
Scorpio: You love me
Scorpio: Good to know bye

PTH: I love you
Sagittarius: What why?
PTH: I cannot tell you why, I just do
Sagittarius: If you are so, you shouldn’t love me
PTH: What
Sagittarius: I’m confused
PTH: Me too
Sagittarius: ok
PTH: ok

PTH: I love you 
Capricorn: Bye

PTH: I love you
Aquarius: Oh that’s cool
PTH: Aren’t you gunna say anything?
Aquarius: But I just did
PTH: Do you love me?
Aquarius: Do you?
PTH: I just did
Aquarius: Did what
PTH: You’re not taking this seriously aren’t you?
Aquarius: Lol nope

PTH: I love you 
Pisces: Who are you
PTH: I am me
Pisces: Do I know you?
Pisces: Stop it who are you
PTH: Lol
Pisces: Are you gunna kidnap me 

this is so true its not even funny , am a Virgo and i reacted the same exact way 

So fucking true… (i’m a Virgo too)

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